Tips for parents

10 Constructive education methods.

Raising and educating a child is a whole art, so we are happy to offer you a series of constructive education methods that would allow your child to grow in harmony.

1. Show him the affection you have for the child as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to pamper him. This will show them how important it is to you.

2. Be with the child when he experiences intense emotions, which he cannot cope with. In such situations he needs you the most.

3. Praise the child. Praise reinforces positive behavior, and the child will enjoy this behavior with pleasure.

4. Set simple rules and boundaries. Be consistent in their observance and execution.

5. By your own behavior be an example to the child. The way you behave largely depends on how your child behaves, because you are the first example to follow.

6. Observe each positive change in the child’s behavior, appreciate the effort he has made.

7. Ignore behavior that you do not accept, especially if your child is under 3 years old.

8. Say how you feel about the child’s negative behavior, what the consequences are for you. Because of this, the child will know why you do not want him to repeat this behavior.

9. Use your sense of humor to take control of the situation. Smiling is the best way to relieve a situation.

10. Allow the child to understand the consequences of his behavior. Urge him to make decisions together. Like you, the child needs to feel that he can influence certain things, and you, take into account his opinion. 

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